Nazli joined Botbox: let’s get to know her better Nazli joined Botbox: let’s get to know her better

Nazli joined Botbox: let’s get to know her better

We grabbed a chance to spend a morning coffee with our recently joined Head ...


We grabbed a chance to spend a morning coffee with our recently joined Head of Product, Nazli.

Two months ago Nazli joined Botbox with heavy luggage of experiences, including 12 years in Telecommunications, impacting as a customer experience provider and product development manager, a year at the leading E-Commerce company in Azerbaijan and another year at the Rabitabank where she owned digital banking product development.

Going through Nazli’s resume it is obvious that product development is something she is very curious about and we would love to get to know more about it.

Nazli, how that all has started for you?

Well, there are actually 2 reasons. In a time when I was working as a Customer Experience Specialist, I’ve observed that products are designed more to gain financial benefits, rather than provide a valuable experience to the users.

Nazli has received the “Employee of the Year” award at the Bakcell, regards that she has visited Manchester Derby on Old Trafford

Then, later on, I’ve found myself curious to look at the product I’m working on from the customer perspective and then use those insights to improve our products.

Wow, that’s great to see what brought you here. Nazli, you have spent 14 years working in the corporate environment. What was the key attractive point for you to turn out your journey from corporate to the start-up?

Honestly saying, the corporate environment was limiting myself. No matter how good you are, there are anyway certain rules which are impossible to avoid. From time to time I was also filling myself too far from the brand I’m working for.

So, Botbox, as one of the most promising start-ups in Azerbaijan and the whole Caucasus region, attracted me a lot. I did not feel leaving something behind the wall, instead, I’ve got enough experience and feel privileged to bring it to the Botbox.

Maybe it is quite early to ask, but still, as a professional, what kind of differences you see between working in corporate and start-up? What are the pros and cons?

First what comes to my mind is freedom. People are usually against work schedule like from 9 to 6, but in the start-up, you might spend even more time. I see here more of other priorities than mandatory office hours.

Nazli at the event devoted to the rebranding of Rabitabank where she hold Digital Banking Products Owner position

Here at the start-up, I feel more of a rush. There is probably nobody who will bring a ready report paper to your table, tell your exact priorities for this day/week/month and suddenly you might wake up in lost thoughts as you don’t know where and from what exactly to start.

It might sound scary for somebody, but start-up or corporate, it is a matter of choice.

If you face a curious 8 years old kid, how would you explain what means “Product Management” ?

Haha, it is difficult to explain, indeed. Probably I’d give an example when parents are asking children to help them with house cleaning. In this case, parents are being more involved in the management and kids are helping to sort out.

Nazli with the John and Edward Grimes, Eurovision 2012. Baku, Azerbaijan


Not sure if I’ve given the best example, it is really difficult to explain.

You usually tend to tell “we will change the world” by sharing something related to Botbox. It is a little bit cliche nowadays, how by other words you would explain your thoughts behind that phrase?

This is actually a very good question that can lead to an endless conversation. But coming up shortly with this, looking at our team, I see that some of us have been working in the same places at different times and right now we are all gathered at Botbox.

It is definitely a coincidence thing, but from another side, I see a special sign to make something bigger and I truly believe what we do at Botbox should go beyond the limits.