How Coronavirus impacts digital activity How Coronavirus impacts digital activity

How Coronavirus impacts digital activity

It is probably the only time when almost the whole world is one the same page. ...

Murad Zamanov

It is probably the only time when almost the whole world is one the same page. Due to the spread of COVID-19, even physical gatherings of 3 or 5 people are being limited, so what we can tell about large corporations? It affected even small companies as the world went into the #StayHome mood.

We have decided to gather applications that simplify our daily processes at work and can boost our productivity. Actually, it is a bit funny, some months ago we would share it as something like “Tips & Tricks how to track your productivity”, but now it belongs to coronavirus. Another moment when the advantage of digital solutions became a need.


How many times did you use the phrase “Let’s Skype” in your life? How many times it has been used for you? We are sure pretty a lot. Why did we ask? Because the same amount of times been asked “Okay, let’s go to Zoom” during the Skype calls.

Zoom became a tool that mostly started to use, specifically after Skype. Mainly, because of fresh features which Zoom offers such as:

– recording meetings/webinars
– easily screen-share during the call
– IT support; live, chat, phone, FAQ, articles, video tutorials
– up t0 100 participants in a single call for free

Those were enough to move to the Zoom. Despite Skype, Zoom targeted businesses as individuals were anyway preferring Facebook, WhatsApp or any other messaging platforms for the audio & video calls.

In coronavirus times, Zoom is being used at the Universities, Schools, Companies and even governmental departments. Even our friends at NextSale pitched their startup at NCA with the help of Zoom.


Every project has its tasks and every task has prehistory. Slack is being massively used for the teams to communicate, share and come up with important topics for them.

Another advantage that makes Slack magical in a fight with competitors is integration. Gmail? Google Sheets? Asana? Trello? Salesforce? Yes! Zoom? Yes, yes and yes! Slack is being integrated with almost whatever comes to your mind.

Slack has channels that are circa groups. It is good when a group of people working on different projects or if companies contain various amount of functions, so you can add needed people according to the channel.

When it comes to Slack, it is definitely not a tool only for the coronavirus era. For instance, we do use it at Botbox on a daily basis.


As we had a video-meeting via Zoom, discussed important things on Slack, it is a proper time to set tasks for the responsible ones. And honestly, we would not be very brave to appoint exactly one tool. It is really difficult when you have to choose between Monday, Trello, and Meistertask. What experiences tell us, is that for every individual there is his/her app. However, we decided to stop on the Trello.

In communication with its customers, Trello is using cards as a solution provider for task management. Some users prefer using basic “To do”, “Doing” and “Done”. Honestly, it all depends on your business aspects and of course on your personal preferences.

It is very nice to see that you can make points for each of your tasks. For instance, if the final product is a poster you can add some points like design, text, idea, at any time you can open the task and see on which stage is the project. This tool also helps to identify productivity among the team members.


While writing this article we went to the battle with our Product Manager & Designer as they are using Meistertask.

As you can see the UI is quite similar to Trello. So what is a special thing about Meistertask? All Trello vs Meistertask battles over the internet blogs are ending up with almost the same score and most probably it is a true case when you just choose what you like the most.

Both have integrations, but if you take a deep look you might find that Meistertask has more integrations than Trello, but on another hand, they are not the ones to make a final choice in our case. If we check what kind of languages do they support, we can see the same amount of languages.

But the market division is quite different as for instance, Meistertask supports Japanese & Chinese languages while Trello does not. Trello provides support via email, phone, while Meistertask bravely adds a live chat into that list too.

The list of tools is quite huge, but it is our responsibility to make the best out of them while we home.

Talk to our WhatsApp Coronabot to stay updated about COVID-19 coverage map, mortality age. Also, learn how to avoid the virus and what are the early symptoms. Stay safe! Stay informed!