Chatbot for restaurants  -  Opexbot Chatbot for restaurants  -  Opexbot

Chatbot for restaurants  -  Opexbot

Murad Zamanov

To make it clear  — Opexbot is a chatbot that targets only restaurants.

Opexbot is not an omnichannel platform and not coming up with complex solutions. Again, Opexbot only for restaurants. Let’s dive more into the Opexbot.

It has been a while since at Botbox we were discussing that food orders aren’t just about quarantine time, but also bad weather behind the window, big friends gathering, lunch at work, or whatever reason splashes our mind. We understand that food ordering is definitely demanding and we wanted to be involved carefully.

Carefully? Exactly. Being lost in your direction might dig a hole for business, that’s why we chose just one direction — restaurants, analyzed the ordering market, and launched a product. Here all you need to know about Opexbot.

Why Opexbot for your Restaurant?

Opexbot analyzed the market and made the customer flow based on the insights from the restaurant industry. That’s very important to mention as we give credits to the ones who specialize in this for decades.

We have pointed out the main features that Opexbot includes. Here they are:

  1. Online payment
  2. Add to favorite
  3. User profile
  4. Add to basket

Online payment

Saying that its a must already enough to explain the whole picture. However, we will add some words. Make your purchases online without using cash. Pay per finalizing an order. Any card, anyhow. Click and pay.

Add to favorite

Saying the same thing twice might be bothering us. That’s true. Always cool to have a chef who knows what you love the most. For the sake of not losing this spiritual moment and your time, you can favorite your best meals.

Basically, you can save up your lunch menu or any other order, so next time you won’t be scrolling the whole menu, but just choosing the one you already set up for yourself. Just like you’d at your daily restaurant.

User Profile

Surely having favorites and other features requires a digital place. The place exists and already known for users. Setting up your profile helps you basically save time by adding your desired features and saving for the next times.

Add to basket

Like you would do on any e-commerce website like Amazon or eBay, you can add your meals to the basket. For now, tomorrow, or just any other time.


There should a united point of managing all the processes. A thing called dashboard fits all the needed requirements at once. A feature that helps restaurants to see the traction of its deals, possible unanswered questions, insights from the customers, and a single point to manage all the processes.

Dashboard fits perfectly businesses that are not able to manage data of sales on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Besides that, a graph shows the growth rate and total earnings. In case of an agent’s urgent need, there is also a tab that allows a single agent to be involved in all conversations personally.

That’s quite all so far about Opexbot. By the way, recently we have been talking about does chatbot replace mobile apps? Hmm, seems like they do 🙂