Chat-bots in Coronavirus era Chat-bots in Coronavirus era

Chat-bots in Coronavirus era

Yes, this is quite weird for us too.

Murad Zamanov

Yes, this is quite weird for us too.

Wash your hands, take your smartphone. Let’s start.

2020 started quite promising and even though a year just started it have already told enough on what expects us in terms of technology. Unfortunately, positive news did not arrive alone. COVID-19, known as Coronavirus, first impacted China and then reached Europe and North America.

Except for already known issues, it also dealt with damage to the whole system. People tend to stay home by their own wish or quarantine, avoid going to public places, do not participate in the events and that’s right. A minimum of what we as human beings can do is to take care of ourselves and avoid participating in a big group of people.

Counting our headline, you have probably come up with the question of what chatbots do about it? Let’s go. But wait…wash hands, again. Again. Thanks.

In the digital messaging era, chatbots have found themselves as a solution provider in terms of minimizing our time spent on the activity, makes our routine relaxed and flexible in some terms.

As Botbox, we love to scream about the personal time of every individual and honestly, we get disappointed for every minute being spent on the unnecessary processes. What happens in the coronavirus era is that, a wish became a need. If before an obstacle between you and annoying physical activity (let’s say in a Bank) were laziness, limited time or personal desire, now in some of the European countries it is already a big question as well.

Restaurants are closed, big sporting events like Champions League tournament are postponed, Olympic Games and Euro2020 under the big threat to be postponed as well, service providers start to work in a limited day-time and etc. Surely, there are a lot of countries and cities with oceanic calm, but… better to be prepared.


Bank processes are becoming truly digitalized day by day and if before it was like an extra advantage for us, now this is a really life-saving feature. A single transaction or basic card order now can be implemented within the messaging application with no physical visit to the bank.

One of our clients already simplifying all the processes for its clients. Click here.


Type or amount of insurance packages are flying from top to bottom depends on the country, region and many other factors too. The only what unites all of them is – insurance. We all go through that, isn’t it?

– Obliged car insurance
– Health insurance
– Travel insurance

We are sure that’s already enough. Recently, we had a huge honor to create a truly customized website-bot for one of our clients from the insurance sector – Pasha Insurance. Check it up here.

The logic behind the technology the same – open, tap, type, and order.


E-Commerce and food delivery is part of the game too. There is no need to install a separate application for each of them and overload your smartphone’s memory, save it for some selfies with your beloved ones.

See to which order can bring up a digital conversation with our other client.

There are tons of to talk more, this is not a self-show promo and definitely not everything that sparks belong to our client list. But what all of us can do is to contribute just a bit; sitting isolated for some time, avoid participation in the big events and taking care of self-hygiene.

Talk to our WhatsApp Coronabot to stay updated about COVIAD-19 coverage map, mortality age. Also, learn how to avoid the virus and what are the early symptoms. Stay safe! Stay informed!

What happens somewhere there – is not their problem. It is our problem. Let’s care.