Our bot is better than yours. Welcome, Botbox 2.0! Our bot is better than yours. Welcome, Botbox 2.0!

Our bot is better than yours. Welcome, Botbox 2.0!

Murad Zamanov

Botbox has been upgraded: welcome v.2.0 – what that could mean?

There are several ways to express what has been done and what are the key components which differ Botbox 2.0 from the previous version but we tried to use the least amount of smart tech words and bring the most matter topics for you.

Give me more.

The first crucial change appealed to the number of integrations Botbox is having right now. Isn’t that quite impressive? It might look like narcissism, but sorry, that’s difficult to deny – it is indeed impressive.

Let’s go further and see what those integrations mean so far.

First of all, it means the amount of messaging applications where we are able to create a chat-bot. Might sound like an “enough” sign, but not in our case. Here you are also able to manage all of the integrations from the single dashboard.

Moreover, came up with an amazing marketing campaign? Use a one-click tool to notify your subscriptions from all messaging applications at once.

Build a bot. Advanced, but simple.

I remember we promised you to avoid tech words, so no matter what the headline is – we keep our promises. Moving on that, building a bot with Botbox looks like this:

  1. Here you will need to click on “+”

2. Here you are entering the information

We know what you thought right now, so lets us sound it. Yes, it is quick and simple.

Tools. Tools. Tools.

You understand that plenty amount of work has been done to make those integrations happen, make a bot builder the coziest way it is possible, but what do we do next with all of this? Integrations are cool, but what do I get out of that?

A good question. Time to go to an awesome answer.

We see that the “Dashboards” tab offers us some tools, one of them is “Engage”. Engage tab shows us basically the most needed information for the client. It all depends on how do you customize it, but to make it understandable, look at the screen below.


A ready graph shows what is happening in your digital conversations; a number of interactions, average messages per conversation or average conversation duration and etc. You can modify it to your own by choosing the most important segments for you.

Surely there is also an option to pick up your desired data frame.

I’ve got your next question. Yes, there is a live graph too.

Keep it simple.

We know right out there some serious and busy guys. You might often observe them be in the management armchairs. Sometimes they tend to behave unavailable even in flipflops on the beach. This type of person love to be aware of everything by asking a minimum number of questions.

For them and others willing to be like them, we have a magic box showing important numbers.

How many interactions? What about users? What did we deploy? See, we just decreased the number of questions to be asked to you.

Support me if you can.

There are plenty of reasons why you are using a chat-bot and one of them, according to our traction, is customer support. Instead of having n amount of tabs in your browser, use an advantaged “Live Chat” button to obtain all the fresh requests from all messaging platforms at once.

Imagine, there is even an option to sort the requests based on the next criteria:

  • date
  • ticket type
  • agent (if there are many)
  • channel (website, app, messenger and etc.)

More and more, believe us. In case if your agent had a good party last night and overslept, no worries – set up a solution for this kind of case within the Botbox platform as well; auto-reply after some time, transfer to another agent and etc.

Voice messages.

Have you ever faced with listening long voice messages? We feel you.

Unlike us, Botbox seems to be in love with them. See how it converts voice messages.

The most important.

No matter how good is our product right now, we are here to challenge ourselves and develop. “The best is yet to come” isn’t a phrase to keep us waiting for the final, but the aim to make constant progress.

Feeling on the same page with us, willing to share something or cooperate? Know our address for any kind of joyful conversation – start@botbox.pro